Hail Territory

May the Spirits be Our Judge.

Welcome to Hail

You have reached the unforgiving plains of the Hail Wolves. These wolves can either be sharp and cold like the territory itself or they can be snarky and adventurous cue the new generation of Hun’s reign as Alphess over the pack. Hail wolves are by no means evil but they are not exactly good either. The land here is rough- filled with dangerous terrain and covered by sharp greenery. It is because of this that there is a high number of fatalities (deaths) just from territory related accidents alone. Known for holding some serious grudges, they neither forgive nor forget and will always come back seeking revenge. No matter how friendly they may appear to outsiders, they will secretly be noting your every weakness for future reference. This makes Hail a very unpredictable pack, something Hun refuses to change about the pack and rather enjoys. Since Arrow’s (the previous Alpha’s) passing, the pack has been heavily reconstructed by the Alphess. No longer is the pack ruled over by Arrow and his band of weak elders because the new Alphess made sure to boot them from their positions as Hail’s old council and reinstate a band of new wolves to stay by her side. As the pack was fed up with Arrow’s main grudge against Storm, the change was thought necessary by this newer generation of Hail.

The Council Crew (Hun’s crew) is similar to a gang and rules over Hail with an iron grip. Whether it be keeping the peace between the many different factions of the pack, punishing members where it is deemed fit or instating the social expectations of the new Hail- the wolves of the counsel are not to be messed with and will always be manipulating the pack from behind the scenes.

Speaking of “many different factions”, this is very true because Hail now has new social expectations. Before, Hail wolves were ranked according to their family prestige, the more well known your family was and whether they agreed or disagreed with Arrow’s political views- then the more likely your chances of scoring a good rank or place amongst the pack. Ranks are now called “Crews”. Pups are cherished by all of the pack and the parents who have them will become an esteemed family and will even gain the favour of the Alphess, who will personally go to the parents and thank them for giving life to new members of the pack. Sadly, Hail’s pups don’t stay pups for forever. Pups who reach the age of six months will graduate to “Basics training” and are called “Cadets”. The training they go through while in Basics Training is militarical in style and structure. Hun established this in order to help the new generation keep up with their fellow neighbours, the Storm wolves, as well as the other packs. Cadets will graduate to a crew of their choosing at the age of one year. Cadets choose crews that they feel will best suit them, whether it be because they have friends in the crew or because they truly enjoy the rank of the crew. The many ranked crews will each have two leaders and it’s members will often claim territories of Hail and pronounce it as their Crew’s turf. This causes major fights between different crews looking to claim better territories and one crew will hardly ever keep a territory for long. If death results, Hun and her counsel will hear of it and immediately choose a suitable punishment. Although, fighting is so common in Hail that Hun created a designated area for respectable fights to take place at and whichever wolf loses, they must repay their debts to the winning wolf.


This is Hail’s way of life now. It is vicious and grueling but they are free spirited and pleased with Hun for bringing the pack back to life after Arrow’s passing, going so far as to consider her legendary. So, do you have what it takes to be ‘Hail’? May the spirits be your final judges.


Hail Pack invites other packs to be their ally. Sometimes Hail will send teens or young warriors to these friend packs to teach them how other packs function and do things differently. Likewise, other packs are allowed to send wolves here too. Here is a list of some of the Allies of Hail:





Hail Pack has a rule never to forgive or forget. Therefor, any pack that ever does wrong to any one of Hail Pack's wolves is immediately an enemy pack. There are often invasions or battles between the packs, so its wise to know your enemies and always be on the lookout for them. Here are some of the Hail pack enemies:

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